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yoga retreat week – 14th to 20th November 2022

A yoga retreat in one of the most peaceful places on earth?

In November 2022 Muchenje will introduce its first ever yoga break of 7 days. Early morning and late afternoon yoga sessions will compliment the normal game activities that Muchenje is so well known for.

Western Chobe in Botswana is a world famous destination for its diversity and number of wild animals. Muchenje Safari Lodge pioneered this wonderful area, having opened more than 25 years ago. The tranquillity and views from the lodge are second to none and this begs the introduction of yoga.

 Yoga has been used for millennia as an effective method to connect with one’s own nature and the expansiveness of one’s inner self. While the practices of yoga can be taken up by anyone, anywhere, there is no better place to experience this connection than when surrounded by the primal energy of nature at its most pristine.

Muchenje Safari Lodge provides just that kind of setting; located in one of the least crowded places on Earth, the deep connection between human and nature will be felt most tangibly.

Muchenje is well known for its beautiful and panoramic views that will be the perfect setting for a yoga retreat. Enjoy dinner with views of the waterhole. Go back to your chalet under the big night sky and stars.

Your yoga teacher is Emely (Em) Kohler from Maun, the entrance to the Okavango Delta.

Em was born in Mochudi, close to Gaborone, in Botswana.

She has done comprehensive Sivananda yoga training in Thailand; as well as subsequently being trained in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga in Spain. Em has travelled widely and has also undertaken massage training.

 Em comments-


“I think yoga is such a brilliant and important tool that everybody should have the chance to experience and what better place than on a bush safari adventure in Botswana. I am excited to hear that Muchenje are offering this amazing experience”.

Yoga guidelines and classes

 The following sessions are suggested for the yoga classes-

05.30-06.00 am SUNRISE

15-20 minute meditation/pranayama and light stretching


1 hour early morning light yoga flow


Breakfast is at 08.30am.

Please see activities sheet for game drives and boat
trips available before and after breakfast.

For guests staying in camp-


Slots available for private one to one yoga classes and massages (these need to be booked the day before)

Lunch is at 1pm.

For guests staying in camp-


Slots available for private one to one yoga classes and massages (these need to be booked the day before).

For guests arriving back from game drives or staying in-


 1 hour minute SUNSET yoga flow

Dinner is at 7.30pm.


Night time yin yoga and relaxation under the big starry night

Note- all classes are flexible.


You are welcome to bring your own yoga blocks and mats with you, but, however, we will have these available.

These are extensive and offer our guests a full range of safaris and cultural experiences as well as leisure time.

Our safari activities are planned carefully to coincide with when you are most likely to see wildlife. This entails early morning activities: game drives or guided bush walks. Late afternoon game drives as the temperatures start to drop, and night game drives after dinner, for a unique viewing experience of various nocturnal animals after the sun has gone down.

Early Morning Safari

The early morning game drive leaves the lodge before sunrise and goes into Western Chobe National Park. This gives guests the “golden hour” of light for photography and the chance of seeing big cats on the move before the temperature rises.

The game drive returns to the lodge by 8.30 am for an extensive buffet and cooked breakfast.

Early Morning Walk

Morning walks are offered in front of the lodge in the Chobe Forest Reserve. Our senior walking Guide will introduce you to aspects of African wildlife, such as tracks and signs. The walking safaris are weather dependent.

The walk explores the floodplain and open areas close to the lodge – a wonderful experience which stimulates all the senses and brings a tremendous feeling of accomplishment, arriving back at the lodge for a hearty breakfast at 8.30am.

For those on “early mornings” there is a wake-up call with tea, coffee and snacks available at the main lodge.

Afternoon Safari

The afternoon game drive leaves the lodge at 3.00 to 3.30 pm (depends upon winter/summer season) and goes into Western Chobe National Park.

After “sundown drinks” in the Park, the game drive returns to the lodge in the early evening, allowing guests time to freshen up and enjoy pre-dinner drinks.

Night Time Safari

Muchenje is in the Western Chobe Forest Reserve and so we are licensed to provide night time game drives.

After dinner the guides invite you to leave the lodge to explore the Chobe Forest Reserve for a night time drive. Although it is only an hour or so long, it gives a different perspective to the African bush. It is a wonderful opportunity to find nocturnal animals which have not featured during the other drives, such as genets, civets, porcupines and hyenas.

The evenings are often rounded off with a few drinks around the fire and swapping safari stories.

All Day Safari and Boat Cruise

The game drive leaves at around 9.30 am after breakfast and arrives at the National Parks jetty at Sedudu, close to Kasane at around 11.00 am. The Guide will escort guests onto an exclusive Muchenje boat moored at the jetty and then Captains guests on the river cruise.

This cruise on the Chobe River is spectacular for animal sightings along the river and on Sedudu Island. Elephants and Cape buffalo are normally at Sedudu in large numbers and commonly swim to the island from the “mainland” during the cruise.

Lunch is served on the boat cruise.

After the boat cruise there is an afternoon game drive along the Chobe River. We often see a pride of lions or two on the way back and it is not uncommon to see wild dogs – there are two separate packs of wild dogs (painted wolves) in the Chobe. We watch the sun go down with drinks and snacks, and then drive back to the lodge in the early evening.

Community Visits and Culture Trips

Village trip to Mabele/Muchenje villages and local cooperative, 2-3 hours, after breakfast to have a cultural experience with village members and elders; involvement in pounding maize into flour for the making of pap (local polenta), discussion on cattle, goats and sheep and storage of crops for the winter season. The village cooperative also have items for sale, such as baskets, small wooden items and dancing skirts. We return to the Lodge for lunch.

Sundown Drinks in front of Muchenje on the Chobe River

This is a game safari drive starting at around 5.00 pm, finishing with sundown drinks in the Chobe Forest Reserve by the Chobe River in front of the Lodge.

Tracks and Signs – Human and Animal Conflict

Our Guides will be happy to discuss tracks and signs of the bush.

Also included in these discussions will be the very real issues of human and animal conflict. This is a very emotive subject, as our Guides come from traditional farming families in the area.

This activity is held in the Guide’s Office close to the swimming pool.

School and Village Trip

Visit the school and village; this takes around an hour and a half and starts at 10.15am. Muchenje Safari Lodge has supported the nearby Mabele Primary School for over twenty years.

It is a Government school which includes younger pre-school children. During term times, the Headmaster and Teachers welcome visits from guests at Muchenje Safari Lodge where they will meet many of the children. The school has a library and many of the books have been donated by Muchenje guests. Muchenje runs and maintains the school bus.

The school visit takes place in the morning and guests are accompanied by one of the Safari Guides. A number of our Guides and many of Muchenje’s staff attended Mabele when they were young and, therefore, maintain strong links with the school.

Muchenje is extremely proud of its involvement with Mabele Primary School and will continue to support the school and Parent Teachers Association.

These children are the future of Botswana.

Relaxation at Muchenje

There can be plenty of time for relaxation at Muchenje. There is always something to see, whether at the main lodge or on the luxury cottage verandas.

Guests can relax in the morning and/or afternoon at Muchenje. There is pool deck and swimming pool, lower and middle decks, upper deck, or room verandas. One can use the library on the upper deck or the large lounge area at the main lodge.

Alternative activities

An experienced masseur will be available for massage sessions in both the morning after breakfast and in the afternoon after lunch. This will take place at Muchenje and will be by appointment. This will be at an extra cost for a one hour session.

There will also be a day trip to Victoria Falls on offer, 7am to 5pm.

This will be together with an experienced tour guide of the Victoria Falls.

The cost per person is $US 120, excluding lunch, excluding Zimbabwe visa fee but including Victoria Falls entrance fee.

Muchenje Safari Lodge has a 4-Star rating and is set in a peaceful environment in Western Chobe, Botswana, on top of an escarpment overlooking the vast plains of Africa.

We are located in a remote area where there are no fences. Elephants roam freely and often visit our camp. From the yoga decks one can see giraffe, waterbuck, impala and other animals drinking from our waterhole. Hyenas are often seen returning to their den in the early morning.

The trip to Muchenje is all-inclusive.

This includes-

  • Transfers to and from Kasane Airport, Chobe to Muchenje Safari Lodge
  • All meals and drinks
  • All safari drives, boat trips and walks
  • All talks and demonstrations
  • All group yoga and meditation
  • Yoga mats, towels and bands

Not included-

  • Your own yoga clothing; i.e. leggings, t-shirts, loose fitting comfortable clothing (tracksuit)
  • One-to-one yoga sessions
  • Massage and beauty treatment
  • Day trip to Victoria falls

Muchenje Safari Lodge is in Northern Botswana just 70 km from Kasane International Airport.

There are daily flights from OR TAMBO International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa.

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience amazing wildlife whilst enjoying a Yoga Retreat in a wonderful setting.  


During the retreats Muchenje will become a wonderfully relaxing yoga retreat, whilst still offering the amazing safari experience. The yoga retreat will take you on a journey towards balance, harmony, strength and resilience by learning techniques from the major systems of classical yoga.

Yoga sessions are early morning and evening with the option of doing yoga during the day.

Come for a minimum 3 days and experience the wonder of Yoga in this magical location.

Prices are:-

$US535 pppn sharing
$US650 pppn single

Transfers to Kasane Airport (BBK) included.


Transfers to Victoria Falls Airport (VFA) $70 one way.  

Victoria Falls Day Trip $US 120 pp including entrance fee and excluding visa cost


One to One Yoga

For more information & bookings please contact us