Chobe: One of the Largest Game Concentrations in Africa

The Chobe National Park was declared Botswana’s first national park in 1967, and covers approximately 11,700 sq km. Previously the area was used for forestry. The foresters whilst pulling the trunks down the river banks would chorus “chobe…..chobe….” meaning to push in the original language, hence the naming of the area, Chobe.

The life blood of the park is the Chobe River undoubtedly one of Africa’s most beautiful rivers, the Chobe supports a diversity and concentration of wildlife unparalleled anywhere else in the country. The Chobe River forms the northern boundary of the park and with its close proximity to Victoria Falls and the Southern African region, the park is the ideal location for anyone interested in a combination of the natural wonder of the Victoria Falls and a magnificent wildlife experience.

Muchenje Safari Lodge

Muchenje Safari Lodge


Elephant splashing in Chobe River

Spectacular Elephant Herds

Home to four of the Big Five; Chobe is understandably famous for its elephant herds – in the dry season one can see hundreds of these magnificent animals on the flood plains at any one time, most of which are family groups, with a few generations represented.

Nowhere in Africa are you going to see such large herds of elephant… watching them drink, play and cross the river is something you are unlikely to ever forget. The elephant population is estimated to be about 120,000.

Buffalo Herds & Zebra Migrations

In addition to the elephants, herds of buffalo are also impressive with vast numbers of them milling around on the flood plains and surrounding hills. The migration of the zebra from Savuti Marsh in the south to the Chobe Flood plains is an annual phenomena and is always a signal for the on coming rains.

Africa’s Premier Birding Safari Venue

Antelope species, too, are well represented from impala to the majestic sable, and the endemic Chobe bushbuck. Chobe is also home to the puku which is a rarely seen antelope due to the fact that it doesn’t occur anywhere else in Botswana.

Birding is excellent, and Chobe is considered Africa’s premier venue for birding safaris. Botswana has an excess of 450 species so your check-list is sure to fill-up.

Muchenje’s location means that you can explore the huge section of the western area of the Chobe National Park and its river frontage, away from the busier areas to the east.