A Day on Safari at Muchenje Safari Lodge

Our safari activities are planned carefully to coincide with when you are most likely to see wildlife. This means early morning activities – game drives or guided bush walks, late afternoon – game drives as the temperatures start dropping, and even night game drives – after dinner to see who is moving around the reserve once the sun has disappeared.

Here is how a typical day might unfold…

Early Morning

An early start means an equally early wake-up call. Just before sunrise a welcoming cup of coffee is served at the main lounge with a small snack, about half an hour before the game drive is scheduled to leave. This is generally a good time to go on safari as the temperatures are still cool and the animals are still active, including the big cats who will be returning from a night of hunting or patrolling their territory.

If you are tired of sitting on drives you are welcome to join our morning bush walk which explores the floodplain and open areas close to the lodge – a wonderful experience which stimulates all the senses and brings a tremendous feeling of accomplishment followed by a much deserved breakfast. Walking is a weather dependent activity – but the lodge will be able to advise each day if the walk is possible.

All activities return at about 8.30 in time for a hearty breakfast.

Elephant calf, Chobe
Hunting lioness, Chobe


Most guests enjoy a light lunch and then either relax in their rooms and enjoy the wonderful view from their deck, or use the lodge amenities such as the pool to while away the heat of the day.

The afternoon drive leaves the lodge at about 3.30pm as temperatures cool, the animals also awaken from their siestas and move towards the water or feeding grounds, our drives explore the western side of the park making the most of the late afternoon light for beautiful photographic shots.

Game drives have to be out of the Chobe National Park at sunset, so you will return to the lodge in time for evening drinks before a delicious dinner.

Full Day Activity

During your stay at Muchenje you will have the opportunity to enjoy our full day activity which sets out from the lodge after breakfast and heads towards the boat launch site on the eastern side of the park.

Here we embark on our wonderful Chobe River cruise which enables you to witness the herds of elephants coming to the river to drink, play and socialize. Many of the herds cross the river for grazing, and having a line of elephants swimming in front of you as you enjoy a picnic lunch is something you are unlikely to ever forget.

After exploring the river and finding other wildlife dependent on the Chobe, we then return to land and enjoy a leisurely game drive back through the park along the river road to Muchenje. Although you return in the early evening, slightly disheveled, you are brimming with excitement of the encounters you have enjoyed through the day.

Elephants playing in the Chobe River
Sundowners around the camp fire


After the drives return we often congregate in the lodge bar or on the outside decks and enjoy a sundowner before enjoying our evening meal.

After dinner the guides invite you to leave the lodge to explore the Chobe Forest Reserve for a night drive. Although it is only an hour or so long, it gives a different perspective to the African bush. It is a wonderful opportunity to find nocturnal animals which have not featured during the other drives, such as genets, civets, porcupines etc.

The evenings are often rounded off with a few drinks around the fire and swapping safari stories.